What story do you want to tell?

I am an experienced feature writer, and online news and print editor.  I edited a national B2B magazine which covered technology and education, and I also write on food, lifestyle, social affairs and health.

If you are looking for expert writing and editing, get in touch.  I have a great track record of providing great quality features and I enjoy putting together a great looking magazine.

Story&co is based in Somerset, just south of Bristol and Bath, but I am a globetrotter and I’ve travelled around the world to cover a good story.

I have a packed contacts book, and I know what works so if you have a story to tell and you need  some help with PR then get in touch.  Story&co can provide web design and edit video shorts for online and digital so we provide a complete communications service.

We’re available now to help you so what are you waiting for?  Give us a call to discuss what you need – 07545 149 626.

Take a look at my features and look here for more.

Interview with Douglas Copeland